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Rejuvenate to the max.

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Cocomax is 100% pure coconut water with no fat and no cholesterol. It is a natural super hydration that is high in potassium, manganese, calcium and phosphorus.

Here are some more reasons to enjoy 100% pure coconut water.

  • Non GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • Plastic Safe Eco-Friendly Package

  • Natural Potassium & Electrolytes

  • No Cholesterol or Fat

  • No Color Added

  • It is rich in natural electrolytes and packed with essential vitamins

  • Coconut water helps rehydrate your body

  • Packaged in an eco-friendly PET bottle for convenience and on-the-go use anytime, anywhere.

  • Feel refreshed, rehydrated and nourished with natural electrolytes, high Potassium, high Manganese, Calcium and Phosphorus.

  • Contains no fat & no cholesterol, no preservatives, no artificial aromas and no coloring added.

  • Wholesome goodness, wholesome coconut water from nature in one convenient ready-to-drink package.

“Cocomax is pure coconut water from plantation to bottle in less than 3 hours”


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