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A Miracle Drink From Nature

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

'Making the best tasting and healthiest coconut water in the world.'

Cocomax is born from only the finest young A-graded fresh coconuts that are grown and harvested in Thailand. Thailand is renowned for producing the world’s best tasting coconut water. Coconuts require a proper climate, an appropriate type of land and suitable water resources, the most suitable area for producing coconuts is Amphawa. The coconuts grown here have a unique water resource that combines fresh water, breakage water and salt water together into one water source. This enhances the cultivation of coconut trees, the nutrients from this type of water nourishes the soil to produce the best A-Graded young aromatic coconuts used to make Cocomax 100% pure coconut water.

Making the world’s best tasting and healthiest coconut water starts with the process. It begins by harvesting the finest coconuts at the very peak of their freshness. Our process is very intuitive and labor intensive and the end result is a healthier and better tasting coconut water with no fat and no color added.

“Cocomax is born from only the finest young A-graded coconuts that are grown in Thailand.”

No animals are used in the process of growing, harvesting or producing Cocomax pure coconut water. Coconuts can be collected in so many ways, by climbing, by using a ladder or by using a very long stick to pluck the coconuts from the tree, from plantation to factory where coconuts will be transformed into one of the best tasting coconut waters in the world. Bottling coconut water while retaining its wholesome goodness from nature and its deliciousness, making it the closest to the natural taste without using any additives. Cocomax is a natural breakthrough, we use researchers that help advance in the development of coconut breeding, we create a source of income for the farmers so they can make a living from coconuts. We use special eco-friendly packaging reducing waste to zero and saving natural resources. All of these efforts have been made to enhance Cocomax.

Cocomax is made of pure premium coconut water, selected from the best sources. On top of that we use Cold Aseptic filling system, Cocomax is the first to use this technology to product our ready-to-drink 100% pure Coconut water. To retain the natural taste, the freshness and all the nutritional values. We use 100% fresh coconut water from coconuts without using concentrate, the natural sweetness comes from the coconut water. Each bottle has a 12 month shelf life and is produced using UHT and has been bottled by a technology called Cold Aseptic Filling for best quality and freshness.

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