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100% Coconut Water

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

For a beautiful, healthy and active lifestyle.

Beautiful: Estrogen in coconut water boosts skin’s youthful repair processes

due to collagen and elastin regeneration.

Healthy: Vitamins in coconut water help strengthen your immune system.

Active: Five essential electrolytes in coconut water - Potassium, Manganese,

Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorus - helps refresh your body and mind.

Refreshing: Cocomax is made from fresh coconut water - refreshing,

delicious and more effective at hydrating than plain water.

Naturally Sweet: Cocomax has a naturally sweet flavor with less sugar

than any leading competitor while retaining the original great taste

of coconut water with no fat and no cholesterol.

“Rejuvenate to the max”

Pure coconut water from plantation to bottle in less than 3 hours.

Never from concentrate with a fraction of the sugar and calories from leading competitors. Natural super hydration with no fat and no cholesterol. Cocomax is bottled fresh with no preservatives.

Coconut water is natures natural gift and we are proud to say that no animals are used in the entire harvesting and production of Cocomax. By using no animals in the picking process of coconuts, we insure a reliable source of income for the farmers and community.

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