'A Miracle Drink From Nature'

Health Benefits

Natural Super Hydration

No fat & no cholesterol

No preservatives

No colorings & no flavorings

Non GMO & Gluten Free

High Potassium

High Manganese



Cocomax Pure Coconut Water


Cocomax is made of pure premium coconut water, selected from the best source, Amphawa Thailand. It is the number one selling coconut water in Thailand.

Cocomax is the first to use a new technology called cold aseptic filling to produce the best tasting ready-to-drink 100% pure Coconut water. This process  retains the natural taste, freshness and all the nutritional value better than any other coconut water on the market today. We use 100% fresh coconut water from young A-graded coconuts without using concentrate, the natural sweetness comes from the coconut water itself. 

Enjoy all the benefits of natural hydration and rejuvenate to the max with Cocomax.

Cocomax Pressed


Introducing a brand new coconut water with pressed coconut in a ready-to-drink PET bottle. Feel refreshed. Indulge in the richness of coconut enhanced with natural sweetness, aroma, electrolytes and a taste everyone enjoys.

Cocomax with Lychee

Coconut water with Lychee! Our unique recipe that gives new meaning to joyful refreshment. Enjoy the new sensation of pure coconut water with exotic Lychee to rejuvenate you to the max.

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